GoMelb Week 11

The last two weeks, all of us not only did all efforts on our Research Assessment 2, but also continued the editing work. About this week, we showed the outcomes, two videos to our lecture and classmates on Thursday class.


Most feedbacks from classmates are about the subtitle. The fonts are not clear in the bright scenes and the size need to extend. To address this issue, I made the fonts presets of Premiere on Friday, and shared with my team members.


We conducted the review video on Friday. Ga Ga hosted this review, we briefly introduced our project, and answered the questions about why we use iPhone 7 plus as the main camera, and how did we use Drone and GoPro to capture the specific views. Thanks to Leo, he revised the video’s voiceover and corrected the grammar problems for us.




GoMelb Week 08

We made a presentation on Thursday afternoon. Yes, the lucky first again. While we have a week of in-depth preparation, we over the time of 10 minutes again. We discussed the strategy for the next presentation in Week 12 after the class.


Vikrant questioned our videos did not use the standard of Australia, and he told us Australia’s standard is same with China’s.  Yes, this is really a big issue because we just focused on the web users. So we chose Apple HD standard and neglected the standard of industry.  We will export all of the final videos by Australia’s standard.


This week we faced a very big problem that applying permissions from Great Ocean Road is complicated more than our estimation. We had to try to the alternative solutions, Queen Victoria Market and NGV Gallery. Thanks to Cheng, she has paid more attention on applications,  we are looking toward the good news from Cheng.


GoMelb Week 07


Our team still worked last week when was the semester break. The episode of  “Tasting Wine” captured in Rochford where is one of the most famous winery in Yarra Valley. Cindy as our special host interviewed Phil, the manager of this winery.


This episode is very special because it is an interview of questions and answers about how to taste wines.  Fortunately, the interview conducted on the grassland of the winery, because of the sunny day with gentle breeze.  As a sequence, we successfully completed  5 questions we prepared. 


We changed several presupposed scenes from indoor with iPhone to outdoor with Done. I tried to use the tracking camera mode to shoot Cindy around the grasslands and the estates. This was my first time to touch this function. While the Spotlight style provides a fablers view,  To control it seems hard. I will practice more on this function in order to shooting in the last episode, Great Ocean Road.


GoMelb Week 06

Lighting is an important factor to influence shooting footages as well as the voice-recording. I found several footages of Flinders lane and Hell’s Kitchen failed two weeks ago due to low luminance. So I feel our team need to prepare lights on the next target location where  is Chinese museum. Museums usually seriously restrict the level of luminance in order to protect collections.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.06.01 am copy
Low luminance results in the low quality (video on Helly’s Kithch)

As a consequence, we borrowed 2 LED lights as the lighting resource. While to carry the lights and its protective cases from school to the museum by hands were a tough job,  this was really a right decision that most footages have a balanced tone. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.22.17 am copyTake the heavy cases on the way back RMIT

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.21.43 am copy
Two LED lights bring enough luminance to video shooting

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.24.47 am copyInterview with Mark, the Vice President of Chinese Museum

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.49.49 am copy
Enough luminance in the experience area of basement

However, several footages are not good because the space was not enough to set the lighting’s triple, Easin and Mona had to put the lights up. The luminance in some following shots are not good.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.56.37 am copy.jpglow luminance results in the failures on 3 footages

GoMelb Week 05

There was a good news from Cheng who received the message from a winery last Friday. The winery is Zozon where located the central area of Yarra Valley. Rod, the manager of Zozon, told Cheng he is interested in our project, and wants to know the further information with them.  He accepted our application after he saw my proposal.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 11.41.35 pmAerial photography of “Zozon”

We faced a big problem before shooting. It is the sound capturing. According to my proposal, we will shoot the interviews with Rod outdoor because the winery have a beautiful landscape and the scenes of outdoor could attract more audience on social media.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 11.36.38 pmInterview in the vineyard

In fact, the weather was not good recently. The high wind could deeply influence our shooting activities. What will be the voice-capturing equipment? The best solution could be to borrow a professional microphone with wind-proof and boom from technical office.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 11.37.03 pmInterview on the grassland of Zozon

Intentions are one thing, consequences another. We shot the winery on this Wednesday. This voice-capturing kits brought us a very serious problem. Most outdoor footages failed because the sounds of wind are very serious. One reason is the wind very high and reach up to 10 m/s in the afternoon that day. Another is the wind-proof device was function failure due to overuse. This will be a challenge for post-production.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 11.55.30 pm

I have bought a new wind-proof to my mini-microphone in order to avoid the problem in the continuing shooting activities.

GoMelb Week 04

The week started with the second footage shooting at sunset time on Monday because we need more background footages for “Flinders lane and coffee”, the episode 02 of GoMelb.

IMG_5760 copy
Shooting Ga Ga in Hell’s Kitchen

Flinders Lane is a famous leisure location for both locals and tourists. There are many distinct cafes and boutiques there, and this area formed local leisure culture. Therefore, our team wants to show this culture to Chinese tourists. However, permission is a serious thing for our project, we have went to there 2 times for this reason.

Shooting footages in font of Hell’s Kitchen

Last Friday , Ga Ga, Liang and I visited the lane again for seeking a suitable cafe as the video’s location. Fortunately, Hell’s kitchen, a retro-style style cafe accepted our application, and allow us to shoot both inside and outside.

IMG_5757 copyMona is making up to the Ga Ga

We want to bring up local culture atmosphere by adding several street scenes into this episode.We tried to capture footages about Ga Ga skateboarding by a head shooting accessory of GoPro. However, this trial was fail. Because the position of GoPro was high like a man’s perspective. If we paste the GoPro on the skateboarding board with stable shooting accessory, the motion effects would be better.


GoMelb Week 03

We focused on to resolve the 2 biggest problems, applying permission from persons and locations this week and revise the working schedule.

Applying Permissions

We discussed this issue in team meeting this Tuesday evening. We shared the information about the restrictions on shooting and applying methods. The findings from Liang is to download a mobile app, “Can I Fly there”, released by the government of Australia. This app provides a navigation and tell drone user where the drone can legally fly. The other benefits from using this app is that we can check the 7 days precodes for specific points where you plan to aerial photography.

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The interface of App of “Can I fly there”

The most important problem is how to apply the permissions from the potential  companies and public organisations.  We saw the issue as the biggest challenge for out project.We need to successfully apply the permission including locations and persons before we shooting several days. If we could not, the progress of our project could be delayed.

We discussed the potential solutions and we thought Cheng could be suitable this challenge because her is good as communication with English. Cheng accepted this suggestion with pleasure she said she will try her best to challenge this issue. She then shared her ideas about this issue.

Revise the Working Schedule

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 12.49.26 am.png
New working schedule

Due to the permission issues, we had to discuss the working schedule. A new working schedule has been designed. We planned 3 weeks to apply permissions and we look toward everything will be OK!