Assessment task 2 (New Directions in Narrative)

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1. Task 1: analyse a digital narrative

2.Task 2: write a digital narrative outline

3.Task 3: investigate digital tools

4.Task 4: audience analysis

5.Task 5: narrative flowchart

6.Task 6: personal choice

I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration.


Task 6: media convergence / social media

Media convergence can be viewed as ‘coming together of different equipment and tools for producing and distributing news’ (Grant and Wilkinson, 2009). Today media convergence has broadly spread  around entertainment and mass media-communication. Two-way conversation will be established between the producer and the audience. Audience will deeply engage a new interactive environment with better content using experiences (Handley 2017).

Media convergence in ‘Your trip in Melbourne’

Interactive video is one of the most popular forms of media convergence. This form evolves from traditional videos and expanded more new functions into itself with interaction. A monologue becomes a colourful dialogue in this process. A range of interactive functions can be embedded into this form, such as hot spots, questions, customized and more. Some of them would be apply in my interactive video project.

  • Customized Playlist
    Audiences can customize personalized trip routes from Route Customized Page. They can choose their favorite sights into a new playlist for playing. They can also skip some sights or steps they do not want to watch.
  • Questions and Quiz
    Inserting some questions or quiz will be funny and provide more additional information to audience. They will face some questions on some certain pages, such as the Stop of Calton Garden. These questions would be easy to answer, some of them could be a multiple-choice question. For example,

    Question:  Carton Garden is an example of  _________ landscape design.
                        A.  Victorian
    C.  Renaissance
    D.  Futurism
  • Message Board
    Every page would have a special area for communication with audience by Message Board. It would be arranged the bottom of pages. This interactive function is a very important role for communication with audience. It not only can be used to communicate between audiences each other, but also can be utilized to communicate between audiences and the production team for getting some errors reports or improvement suggestions.

Challenges of Media Convergence in ‘Your trip in Melbourne’

  • Production Tools
    To achieve the goal of interaction in my project, production tools will be play the key role over the production process. While my team members have many media production experiences in software application field, we have not any experience on interactive video production software. Therefore, we need to take more times on learning the tools of Klynt which was chosen for this project.
  • Interface Design
    A user-friendly interface design can be established an efficient and pleasure user experience. It also can deliver valuable information to audience. Therefore, how to arrange the function modules on suitable positions in pages will be a challenge to this project.


Grant A and Wilkinson J 2009, ‘Understanding Media Convergence: The State of the Field’,Oxford University Press, New York.

Handley,  A 2017, ‘Interactive Video, Transform Videos Into Conversations’, viewed 4 May, 2017, <;

Task 4: Audience Analysis

The target audience group in my interactive video project, ‘Your trip in Melbourne’ is Chinese tourists, interest to have a holiday trip to Melbourne including family trip, self-tourists, backpackers and anyone who want to know more about Melbourne. Melbourne consistently ranks as one of the most liveable cities in the world where is food-obsessed, marvellously multicultural and a showpiece for Australian culture, and beyond the city limits, Victoria offers soulful history, stirring wilderness and culinary excellence. That is why 2.5 million international visitors were attracted to Melbourne between 2015-2016, and Chinese tourists were contributed about a 20% of the total number for international tourists (State Government of Victoria 2016).

While Sydney is the most famous city in Australia, Melbourne usually have a higher level experience for tourists, especially Asian people including China. Due to the deteriorating situation in China, China’s young people want to explore more about Melbourne still range the top in the most liveable city in the world, and learn some experiences for their common life to support environment protection in China.

Old generation usually joy a group trip with professional tourism guide due to language barriers. While they do not pay any attention on their journey whatever living, eating and travelling, they just have limited opportunities to touch a stirring city of Melbourne, rather than to communicate with local people.

Self-tour guides are the most popular content for China’s professional tourism service websites. New generation in China who were born in 1990s, have an international vision and their own living style, growing over the digital era. They not only want to know the world on the Internet, but also want to touch everywhere they like by their feet. Melbourne was an important destination for Chinese early immigrants and one of the most important trade partners, almost every young generation know Melbourne, the top-tier reputation liveable city. Most of them, therefore, want to travel Melbourne as their first tourism destination abroad.

Young people in China strongly tend to adopt self-tour and backpacker style to travel Australia. Meanwhile, many middle class families want tend to a self leisure Australia Trip. Both the two groups want to know how to range a better trip timetable. Interactive video and image trip guide could be an easy and visual way to spark their inspiration for helping them to make a suitable Melbourne trip plans.

Anyone can experience the subject website by its web link or links from certain promoting accounts of social media. Whatever mobiles, PCs and Macs can be access and enjoy the website easily. Audience will enjoy the amazing trips by their web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome.

State Government of Victoria 2016, ‘Tourism Victoria Annual Report 2015–16′, viewed 28 April 2017Melbourne, Vic.

Task 3: investigate digital tools

Klynt, My Choice

  • Introduction

Klynt is an ideal editing and publishing tools for interactive storytellers and designers. It has an user-friendly process flow with many easy-to-use functions (users need not to know any coding knowledge), which has helped a range of  interactive video makers achieving their dreaming narratives on the Internet. These honours endowed a  blue-blood selling price to Klynt, but it still offers a student edition with a reasonable price. That is why I choose the software to promote my interactive video project.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.53.22 amI have purchased a student edition for my interactive narrative. Learning the functions has been my daily course.


  • Using to my project

How to use Klynt achieving the proposal in my project. This software could be played a vital of role in 3 aspects.

First, my project, ‘Your trip in Melbourne’, is an interactive video project aims to provide 3 tour styles to the potential Asia tourists for inspiring their own Melbourne trip plans. Every style will have several guide videos. Users can be choose their custom sights list at the first, and they also have many demands, such as to adjust volume, skip current video and reset the sights list when they are browsing within a tour style mode. Klynt can help to efficiently achieve these demands with non-coding experiences. My mission, therefore, is only focusing on how to express my narrative.

edit_interactions copyEasy to establish interactive contents

Second, my project needs to mixed multimedia including .png, .jpeg, gif), audios (.mp3), videos (.mp4, webm, ogg) and web based content (rss feed, youtube videos, google maps, wikipedia page) using iframes. While I have some experiences on web design, the needs from this projects have a more powerful tool which do not require knowledge and skills on HTML5, especially establishing the web based contents. Fortunately, Klynt concentrated the advantages in these fields, it will reduce most of these problems in the future production process.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 1.45.56 am
The multimedia management panel in Klynt

Finally, Klynt can create a custom menu with Google Maps. Using maps and navigations are very important to an interactive project, especially the tour subject . I just need to enter my own Google Maps key and create a custom menu to access my contents via a dedicated interactive map.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 2.02.26 am
Easy to access Google Maps

Task 2: write a digital narrative outline

‘Your Trip in Melbourne’ Narrative Outline

Story background

As Melbourne is one of the most attractive tourism destinations by its top-tier status of the most liveable city on earth. The ever-increasing tourism demands for learning more about the city and around, whatever the food, living, sights, language, history, etc.. Tourists, especially self-tourists tend to get useful information from the Internet. Interactive video tourist guide could be a popular way to introduce a fabulous city of Melbourne. According toTourism Victoria Annual Report 2015–16’ by State Government of Victoria, 2016, the largest potential tourist group will be  from Asia with non-speaking or lack of English communication skills. Also, more middle class and young people from the group want to explore their personalise trip. Therefore, to introduce some tour styles on the Internet would help them to learn more about Melbourne and help them to make a better trip plan.

Part of the main narrative

This project will offer 3 main tour styles from 3 tourist guides. Tram style, Cycling style and Shoestring style can be available in the homepage. Users can choose any one style they like to start their video trip in Melbourne. They will continue to select the visit list in the tour style between sequential visit or custom. If they decide visit in sequence, they will begin their trip from the first stop until the last stop. However, they can only visit the sights by the custom mode. Users can pause and stop the trip and change others mode or tour styles to continue their trip. Some quiz and games would be appeared in this trip. A range of useful information and web links will be offered to user for their further browsing. Users also can comment and give suggestions when they browse the interactive website by the links of Facebook, Twitter Weibo and WeChat. Some of the contents would use illustrations and animations. At the end, users can give a feedback to project team and share the interactive website to social media. They can also upload photos and videos during their own trip in Melbourne. Those would show in page of My Trip or the pages regarding the sights for inspiring other tourists and supply more information about travelling in Melbourne.

Features of digital networked media

Form Feature Media platform
Interactive video Interactive shortdocumentary KLYNT
Animation game and quiz Interactive, Virtual and entertaining Photoshop, After Effects and KLYNT
Upload users’ photos and videos Participating activities Facebook, Weibo, WeChat and Youtube
Comment Get feedback and offer a type of comment platform Facebook, Weibo, WeChat and Youtube
Customisation Customise trip route KLYNT

Digital production tools

  • Softwares and Apps
    KLYNT, Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cur Pro, After Effects, Rhino, Procreate for iPad pro.
  • Cameras
    GoPro, Nikon D600, iPhone

User interaction

  • Customisation
    Selections – different tour style, Customise trip route
  • Interaction – Pause, stop, reprogram their trip and tour style. Comment ,share the sights in relevant pages.Upload their photos and short videos to certain user sharing pages.

Task 1: analyse a digital narrative

IMG_5134 copy

“A day of the Emperor”, an 
app for iPad, Role-playing game by the Palace Museum of Beijing, China

History, Role-playing game, Animation etc..

IMG_5173 copy

Story elements

  • Events
    A daily schedule of an emperor of Qing Dynasty, China, including
    introduction, Morning standing up, exercises of riding and shooting, Morning study, the Breakfast, Office working, Rest, Entertainment, Sleeping. Players will performance the agent to learn everything for replacing the real emperor within 24 hours. The real emperor will disguise himself and go out into the streets to experience the daily life as well as a common person.
  • Actors
  1. The young emperor of China who is a child
    FullSizeRender 5
  2. The agent, who has an identical look and age as the emperor
    FullSizeRender 4
  3. The Bronze Lion, several hundreds years old
    FullSizeRender 6
  • Time
    A day, after The young emperor enthroned several months, Qing Dynasty of China, 200 years ago.
  • Place
    The Forbidden City of Beijing where is the home of the emperor.
    IMG_5167 copy.jpg

Narrative elements:

  • Ordering
    According to the real historical documentaries of  Imperial Archive, the game was sequentially arranged 9 scenes recovering the emperor’s daily life in a normal day.

    IMG_5150 copy
  • Pace
    ups and downs, which depends on players.
  • Focalisation
    To experience a real emperor’s day life is the core of the game. The focalisation is players roleplaying the agent and learn all the daily things like the emperor. Players need to sequentially achieve the main tasks that must finish like the emperor’s standard of schedule. The emperor will exchange the status with the agent when the agent finished all of the tasks. If any task cannot achieve, the player will stay at the step, until achieving.
    IMG_5161 copy
  • Narrator
    The storytelling in this game is variable, such as dialogue of characters, Animation introduction, games and text background introduction (encyclopaedia).

    IMG_5144 copy

    AnimationIMG_5178 copy
    GameIMG_5166 copy.jpg

    IMG_5160 copy

  • Text
    Game app for iPad

Traditional narrative features;

  • Linearity
    Sequential tasks in this game.
  • Conflicts
    Series of learning tasks that leads to several climax and resolution.
    Modern people always think the emperors have a carefree life. However, the truth is that the emperors must sequentially finished their life as the standards schedule. Therefore, the creators of this game app designed 3 main characters, the emperor, the agent and the lion. The agent will performance the emperor and live in the Palace through a whole day for learning all of the daily life from the emperor’s. There are 9 main terms during the day and several living scenes was showed in this game, which discovery the real daily life of emperors in Qing Dynasty by animations, dialogues,, games and texts. When the player finished the main tasks, they will learn the real situation as the real historical documentary about the emperor’s daily life that was real a tough day!
  • Protagonist
    The agent is the Protagonist, who have a same look as the emperor.
    IMG_5158 copy
    The protagonist is learning how to dress a suitable clothes like the emperor for different events.
  • Three-act structure
    The young emperor felt he was living in a boring environment, the Forbidden City. He has been desiring to look around outside. The Bronze Lion recommended the agent to him and gave him a suggestion that the agent can performance the emperor within 24 hours if the agent can learn everything like the emperor of a day. The agent accept the order from the emperor, as the result he started the learning by the Bronze Lion……
  • Hero’s’ journey
    Players will performance the agent to learn everything like the emperor doing of a day, until finished all the tasks.


Digital narrative features

  • Numerical coding
    A typical app for iPad
    IMG_5179 copy
  • Modularity
    A range of hand-drawn scenes of the Forbidden City, several interesting games dialogues and a encyclopaedia of emperor’s daily life.
  • Variability
    Mixed the real historical situation into a multimedia platform
    IMG_5172 copy
  • Programmed elements
    All of the game used the iOS programming code to achieve all of the functions.
  • Participatory aspects
    IMG_5133 copy

    This app was created by the Palace Museum for attracting everyone, especially kids who is interest in the history of Qing Dynasty of China and the emperors’ life in the Forbidden City . (Unfortunately, it is only compatible with iPad and offers the language of Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional )